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Here it is, part one of the monster mama of all Mason Jar Salads Guides! This chalkboard is designed to be a jumping off point for your own creativity. It shows you (what I think are) the essentials of an amazing pack-ahead grab & go jar. It starts with a base (these are all gluten free btw), then pick a dressing, some leafy greens, optional cheese and the sky’s the limit with your produce.

But! This is just part 1, part 2 also has:

  • my episode of Minute Kitchen which shows you one of my favorite mason jar salad recipes (and at least I think watching the layering is pretty cool haha).
  • 6 MORE of my favorite recipes to really get your creativity going.

For part 2 of this guide go here! And if this guide comes in handy for making your own pack ahead grab & go Mason Jar Salads show me! Tag me on facebook or on instagram! Getting to see your creativity is what inspires me so I’d love to see what you come up with!

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